3. archandcutters:

    Construction process of Warrander Studio photographed from 1:10 physical model.

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  4. Jean Nouvel - Louvre Abu Dhabi 

  5. infinitehallucination:

    Oscar Niemeyer. Modulo.

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  6. alvarovelosa:

    1965 | Louis Kahn | Hurva Synagogue | Jerusalem, Israel | archiveofaffinities

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  8. I did an undergrad studio with Gabe at the CED, but he has since moved to become a bona-fide concept artist at Section Studios in LA. Check out more of his incredible concept art work here, or better yet, check out some of the ‘sketches’ on his blog.

  9. Some of my unit-mate (and former deskmate) Chris’ work from last year. Check his tumblr (below) for his current thesis work. 

    Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, Afd. 2



    An orchestrated promenade, akin to a seaside pier, passes through blurred boundaries, crosses abrupt climatic thresholds, climbs to all levels, offers broad orientation and reveals unusual visual connections. It not only curates the atmospheric landscape but offers a valid infrastructural route, connecting into Berlinʼs existing transport network.

    It is the sequential exploration of various climatic types that offers the most heightened experience of atmospheric qualities and encourages bizarre and unfamiliar relationships to occur.

  10. beautiful drawings by Giuliano Fiorenzoli - much more here