1. fuckyeahbrutalism:

    Shri Ram Centre for Art and Culture, New Delhi, India, 1969

    (Shiv Nath Prasad)

  2. Eugène von Guérard - Lake Wakatipu with Mount Earnslaw, Middle Island, New Zealand,1877-79. 

  3. victortsu:

    empire state, under construction


  5. Bordeaux Stadium - Herzog & DeMeuron

  6. My good friend / ex-studio mate Chris Paxton finally has a website up and running. 

    Go and check out his fantastic work here

  7. plagiarismisnecessary:

    Mies van der Rohe

  8. Muhammad Ali knocks out Cleveland Williams, 1966.

  9. architectural-review:

    Firminy Church - Benjamin Kou, 2014

  11. Bolles+Wilson, The Paradise Bridge, Amsterdam, 1988. 

    They have continued to produce fantastic drawings to this day… 


  12. A few of my very good friends from Wellington have opened their own practice - MOA - and are doing some cool stuff!

    Have a look if you’re into innovative prefab construction and generally nice houses. 

  13. As part of a general post-graduate renewal thrust, I have rejigged my website. Same address, mostly similar content. Tell your friends. 


  14. Found this drawing from the archives - all the way back from first year!

    Wish my handwriting was a bit neater.

  15. uttarayan:

    "Flat city" détail (cb édit) - 2013

    Pilot Vball 5 sur papier Arches grain fin 300g / 18x26cm